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USA-Automation Vertical Cartoners

Model: CV7.5-100CAHL

CV7.5-100CAHL Image
    • Semi-Automatic and Manual Loading

    • Different Bottles Quick Change-Over

    • Barcode Reader for Leaflet Verification

    • Phase Adjustable Carton Cell Chain

Model: CV7.5-200C

    • Fully Automated Servo Driven Machine​

    • Large Range of Carton Sizes​

    • Recipe Driven Auto Adjustment

    • Fastest Changeover In Industry

Model: CV4 800C

CV4 800C Image
    • High Speed

    • Tool-Less Funnel Changeover​

    • Quick Changeover for Carton Pockets

    • Filler Controls Integrated With Scale

Model: CV2.5 1000C

CV2.5 1000C Image
    • High Speed Vertical Cartoner for Raisins

    • Quick Tool-Less Change Over for Carton Pockets

    • Tool-Less Funnel Changeover 

    • Filler Controls Integrated With Scale

Model: CV4-300C

CV4-300C Image
    • Slot Count Filling Technology​

    • Unique Carton Closing System​

    • Tool-Less Funnel Change-Over​

Model: CV12-100C

CV12-100C Image
    • Quick Tool-Less Change-Over for Funnels &​ Carton Pockets

    • Servo Driven, Flexible, Easy Maintenance​

    • Integrated Checkweigher Loop​

    • GMP Balcony Design
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