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USA-Automation Tray Packers

Model: TP7.5-50I

TP7.5-50I Image
    • Continuous Motion​

    • Patented Tray Handling Technology Accommodates Dual Style Trays​

    • 15 Minute or Less Tool-Less Change-Over​

    • Servo Driven Down-Stacker for Product Collation

Model: TP-SI

TP-SI Image
    • Overhead Transfer Unit​

    • Servo Driven Product Infeed Conveyor​

    • Partition Insert and Loading​

    • Rotary Index Table for Product Transfer

Model: A-300

A-300 Image
    • 60 Trays Per Minute / 300CPM

    • Leaflet Feeder With Magazine

    • Vertical Stacker and Tray Packer

Model: TP9-35I

TP9-35I Image
    • Intermittent Motion​

    • Multiple Count Configuration​s

    • 10 Minute or Less Tool-Less Change-Over

    • Maximum Flexibility for Multiple Applications
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